Can anyone familiar with ants tell me what I watched Entomology

Dec 13, 2017 00:00 · 158 words · 1 minute read tell insect pulled thing mass looked familiar yellow watched thought saw entomology ants

I noticed a clump (8-12) of burgundy-headed ants (approx an inch in length) on the grass and looked closer. As I watched, the ants started separating the outer shell from the body of the thing, revealing a slimy grey-brown mass beneath. When this small insect was pulled completely free one of the adult ants picked it up and walked away with it. The best I can described is that the thing the ants pulled out looked something like a soft-bodied yellow woodlouse. :)Here is a photograph I took of the moist mass and the ants interacting with it it.

Was this near a body of water? The object they are holding in the picture looks like the case that caddisfly larvae use to protect themselves. It sounds like the ants ripped them out of its case the same way I do when Im using them for bait. If this was near a river or creek thats my guess.