LED UFO question regarding wattige SpaceBuckets

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Since theres so much information here i could plan my first grow so thanks for that. I cant really go too crazy on watt consumption so i thought LED would be my most efficient choice. Inital buying cost is no concern but living for Rent limits me in ability to spend all too much power. My growing area is a 40cm x 40cm Box which equals 0.16 squaremetres (Boxsize 1.3 foot x 1.3 foot equals 1.7 squarefoot)How much true wattage would i have to use to light the area efficient. I found 2 UFO LEDs which draw about 50 real Watt i will provide links at the end.

Thats a lot of good information, thank you. Most LED bulbs sold in the US have their lumen output listed on their box. 3,000 lumens / ft2 is a more accurate ballpark figure, as it eliminates the efficiency variable. From what Ive seen around, though, it usually translates into about 30 w / ft2 . Just in the interest of efficiency, Im a big fan of (daylight) LEDs, but other bulb type requirements can be easily derived from the 3,000 lumen rule-of-thumb. It sounds like you have more light available than you need, but in practice, that will translate into some combination of faster grow time, higher yield, and a longer optimal bulb-to-plant distance. As I mentioned, I used about 60 w / ft2 during flowering with good results. Best of luck with your grows.