Tiger beetles Entomology

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North America is home to as little as 4% of the described species of tiger beetles, but species such as Cicindela sexguttata - the Six-spotted tiger beetle, and C. repanda - the Bronzed tiger beetle, have an almost country-wide spread across the United States. Read more about the amazing speed of the tiger beetle here, in an article published by National Geographic. The larvae of the tiger beetle are not the typical beetle larvae that you might picture. The documentary Survival The Grass Roots Tiger covers in detail, the full life cycle of the tiger beetle, and demonstrates unparalleled documentation of the larval stages. Populations of several Cicindelidae, including Cicindela floridana - the Miami tiger beetle, C. puritana - the Puritan tiger beetle, and C. dorsalis dorsalis, sadly make the list of endangered species.

They are quite beautiful beetles, as well!