I just got fired and its been a real wakeup I am looking for ways to become fully self sufficient as soon as possible This seems like a step in the right direction entomophagy

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I lost my job and am trying to afford living, food is a rarity right now and I am honestly opening my mind to eating bugs long term. While planning on growing food such as carrots and lettuce as well. is there a fast way to get self sufficent on this? For really cheap? any tips or ideas for me?

This is a rough approach: If you can find a place where they can test the composition of your breed: get some mealworms and breed an x amount of generations on feed that you plan on sustaining them on for self-consumption. For instance, Im breeding my pet store-bought crickets through 27 generations before I start eating them for myself. If I can find a place that will test the nutritional makeup, I could potentially cut the time down until I reach a healthy generation. Its a bit difficult when I account for adding in foreign crickets to keep the gene pool diversified.