Beta Bug Pin to profile button appearing below my posts even if I havent switched to the new profile bugs

Oct 25, 2017 00:00 · 115 words · 1 minute read title way appearing button bug bugs havent posts sticky profile switched beta post yes pin

I know the new profile pages feature the ability to sticky one of your posts, the same way you can sticky a post in any subreddit you moderate. I assume the recent addition of the pin to profile button allows you to do this even if you didnt post it directly to your profile. However, as the title says, I havent switched to the new profile. As such, even if I do click pin to profile (and then yes when it asks to confirm), it doesnt actually seem to do anything. Im guessing the button shouldnt be appearing for those of us who havent switched to the new profile…(Ive posted this to /r/beta as well.)